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You don’t need to go thru Horizon link to transfer design to usb. Go to your explorer download folder on your computer- looks like a file icon on bottom bar..dbl click to open it. On left side you can also scroll down and see your usb drive listed. 
Find where your Hoopsisters design is( do you have it downloaded to a folder or just in the downloads file). Once you find the design in .jef format, click on it to highlight it. Then right click and choose “copy” from the drop down box choices.. next go to the left side of screen and scroll down to your usb stick. Click on it to highlight it. Then right click and choose”paste”. It should then be copied onto your usb file.
Double click on the usb to open it to check the design is there. You can put folder too if you want. Hope this helps

On Apr 26, 2020, at 10:17 PM, June E Hudspeth <juneeh@...> wrote:

I'm so sorry to say; I'm completely frustrated.  I have a design from Hoop Sisters, I'm trying to get it onto my machine, 15000.  When I go to Horizon Link, I go to the place where it has split screens, I have selected the JEF file on the left and then on the right, I selected my flashdrive, and nothing ever happens???????????  What, pray tell am I missing.  I've spent the last 2 hours, there is nothing in my manual, (that I can find), nothing in the workbook (that I can find).  

Thank you, thank you, to anyone who can help put me out of my misery (smile).


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