Circular foot

Liz Borgman

I have a circular foot that fits a 12000. I sold my machine and bought a elna920. I didn't realize it would not fit my new machine. Therefore I would like to sell it for 25.00 plus shipping. I live in Michigan   Liz

On Apr 23, 2020, at 6:37 PM, eileen_caspers <stitchywoman@...> wrote:

I have an old iPad and also the iPad mini that came with my MC15000.  I would like to only get one iPad that would serve all of my purposes.  So I would trade in two devices against one new upgrade.

I see where some of the Acu Apps are free in the App Store.  AcuDesign is not.  How can I get it transferred to my new iPad - is this a dealer responsibility?

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