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Hi Vicki:  If the screw is loosened enough ..... not so loose it falls out but just a bit more than needed for the old needle to slide out .... and you push the needle up as far as you can .... it is high enough.  Then the trick is to keep it up there while you tighten the screw.  There is a little brush with a hole at the end of the handle with one side of the hole flat like the needle.  If you find one it is handy as you put the needle in it and then use the brush like a handle to lift the needle into place and hold it there while you tighten the screw.  I bet if you change to Organ needles you will have NO problems.  I haven’t used Klasse but have used Schmitz.  Prefer the Organ which is also used by many manufacturers.  Breathe, relax and let your hands find the correct position for the needle and don’t overthink it.  My hands work better than my brain at this sort of thing ..... duh ... okay .... most things.
Good luck .... hugs heather ...

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I have looked every where,
I insert my needle should all of the flat part be inside?
I have a dental mirror and can see but not sure if up all the way
would leave any flat part visible.
Thank you.
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Kathleen:  I use Organ needles which is the company that makes Janome needles.  I find they work great but must be at least 80/11 or the eye is too small for the threader.  When I have had trouble with my threader it has ALWAYS been that I haven’t seated the needle all the way up in the needle hole.  I take care now to make sure it is as high as it will go with the flat side facing the rear of the machine.  Sometimes if you damage the little hook that snags the thread and brings it through the needle ...... it cannot be bent back to be effective.  My advice would be if it doesn’t work the first time don’t keep trying and maybe bend or break that little wire hook.  Check that your needle is seated all the way up and ..... make sure your needle is in the correct position by hitting the needle up and needle down button.  Good luck.....   ps .... I have the 15000 and the 9900 [which is the older model of the S9] and love them both.

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