5 thread stand holder #859430009


Just bought this 5 thread stand holder for my 550e. Cannot figure out how to install it on the machine. Took out one screw (closest to tension guide) and the screw is to short to do anything. Thread stand holder needs the 2 out of the 3 screws on (backside of machine) closest to tension guide. Picture/directions on back of box does not work. Screws are not included with thread stand. Googled and found similar instructions. Nothing on youtube. Machine manual does not mention anything about the screws in back of machine. Janome website lists this model 859430009 for my machine, yet shows the one for the 10000 (have that one also). Any and all help would be appreciated. Please give specific/detailed directions on how to install this if you can. As I write this, Janome's website is giving error message on both my browsers. Because of the virus, dealers in my area are closed.


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