Re: Sewing on bra hooks

Cheryl Paul

I sew my own bras - many of them in the past 15+ years, and the “hooks” are probably the most challenging of the whole procedure. I carefully pin the hooks to the back band elastic, use my regular foot, hooks up, and move the needle to the closest setting beside the hooks and sew and I repeat, carefully. I sometimes sew the bottom part down first so that I have the fabrics together and sewn well on one side at least, then put the 3 layers together and sew it again. I’ve used a straight stitch, zig zag or both at different times. I’ve also sewn the seam twice, as I’d never want it to let loose while wearing - my luck would be that I’d be in church, at the front singing in the choir, if a failure occurred. I’m saying it is a bit tricky, but not impossible. Now the “eyes” part is very easy as everything is very flat, but you still need to proceed carefully as there is metal enclosed in fabric that you cannot see when you are sewing. There is enough room in both the “hooks” and “eyes” to sew, just remember that and “hooks up”.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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