Needles for threader

Kathleen Chevalier

I have the S9, which I think is sort of a baby 15000. My needle threader is not "automatic" I manually push down on the threader lever. It works intermittently. Sometimes right away, sometimes only after many tries, sometimes not at all. Last time I threaded the needle manually without the threader, but my sight is such that it is difficult.

I used a Klase 80/12 that I received free with a Nancy's Notions order. The needle threader hook stuck in the needle eye. I had great difficulty getting it out. When It happened a second time I decided the throw the Klase needle out the next time I changed thread. So now I'm wondering if the needle could be a problem. I am using Schmetz needles. Does anyone else have a problem using the needle threader with certain brands of needles?

Kathleen Chevalier
western Pennsylvania

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