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Vikki Youngmeyer

I bought the 6500 about 2 weeks before the 6600 came out. I sewed that thing into the ground! I traded it and my 350e in on the 12000 when it first came out. I bought it from the same store I bought the 6500 from and got a good trade in allowance. The owner was refurbishing the machines. When she came to my 6500, it became a parts machine as I had really sewn the heck out of it as I did a lot of quilting on it!

Houston, TX

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My 6500 went in for regular service the day the gov. shut down our state, I am committed to make over 50 masks a local lady loaned me her backup machine.After complete self-service it stitches kinda okay.
Is a Singer Simple 3116 Uggghhhh I am hoping my machine is done when our state opens back up I can't get these masks done with the Singer.Thread breaks every two minutes.I am totally spoiled by my 6500P. Nurses need these masks.
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I have a 6500. Older than the 6600. My husband won it for me many years ago and it has been a wonderful machine. Still going strong and I consider it my “work horse”!

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