Re: Sewing on bra hooks


You could also think of the row of hooks in the same way as a zipper, and use the zipper foot with the needle moved to the far outside position to give you the most room for the hooks to pass to the side of the foot.


On Apr 17, 2020, at 5:39 AM, Anne Stoye via <annestoye@...> wrote:

I have now started making my own bras and the thing I find hardest (apart from the initial sorting out the pattern to fit) is sewing on the hooks.  There is such a small width of fabric between the hooks and the edge of the fastener.  Any suggestions about which foot/stitch might be best for this purpose would be most welcome.  The eye side of the fastener is straightforward as the edge of any foot will ride over the flat eyes - on the other side the hooks will get in the way and distort the line of sewing unless one is very lucky.  A small zigzag (2.0,2.0) would be the ideal stitch to use but a straight stitch is better than nothing.   I have a 12000 and a 9400QCP.


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