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Kathy Strabel

This is in reply to Darren Potton's comment about the Janome HP system--the HP needle plate in particular. Darren, I had been looking for a "skinny", straight sewing foot with the "ski toes". The regular/zigzag foot supplied with my machine ( Skyline 7) is kind of clunky and wide.  So, I was happy to find the HP foot, but kind of disappointed that it "must be" used in conjunction with the HP needle plate---another expense ranging in price from $50-$65. But I really wanted that skinny foot, so I bought both pieces. I find that the HP foot works perfectly fine with the straight stitch plate that came with my machine originally. I can sew either in the slot between the ski toes, or adjust the needle so it sews in the round hole on the right-side ski toe. I just have to be sure to choose the correct straight stitch. So, the purchase of the HP needle plate appears to be un-necessary, even though everything I have seen online from the Janome company says they have to be used together. If you received the HP set of foot and needle plate with your purchase, that probably does not affect you, but others who might be looking for one of those skinny, straight stitch feet might be interested in knowing the HP needle plate probably is not necessary. I have asked the seller if I need an RMA in order to return the needle plate for a refund, but have not heard back as yet. I have no problem paying a reasonable price for the foot alone, but I am not too pleased that the Janome company makes it sound like the HP needle plate is necessary. My sewing dollars have to stretch pretty far, and I imagine others are (or will be) in the same boat going forward.

 If anyone knows something about the HP foot/HP needle plate combo that I am missing, please let me know. Take care, everyone, be safe and healthy out there.
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On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 11:02 AM Darren Potton via <> wrote:
Hi Kelly,

I have a Tol Bernina and they are great but like you wanted a workhorse.

I decided on the Janome 6700p which is the replacement for the 6600 I’ve only had it a week but it is truly a fantastic machine.

It comes with a host of accessories but what I like the most is the HP system, it’s a special needle plate and a foot that is the same as on industrial machines. It’s easy to switch stitch plates (3 included with machine) there are no screws just press a button and the machine knows which plate is attached.
The machine it’s self is solid and has a metal body, great range of stitches, thread cutter fast bobbin winder and is quiet.
The accufeed flex is brilliant although I have not needed to use that much yet.
The foot control is large so does not get lost under the work station.

Yesterday I was sewing for ten hours solid and all day today making theatre hats for my local hospital and the machine has been faultless.

I certainly recommend testing one at your dealers.


On 16 Apr 2020, at 14:52, ikego58 <ikego58@...> wrote:

So, I follow a blog that recommends this sewing machine and I watched her review and this machine looks very good.  Also, this machine has gotten very good reviews on some other sites.  I see it might be a discontinued model though.  I have been thinking of trading in my used 11000 for one of these machines.  Or (don't hate me for being traitor!), I have been thinking of getting a used Bernina because the repair man at the shop I go to said they were the best : ).  But, most likely I will stick with Janomes as I know them.  But, I have found myself using my old Kenmore as my 11,000 is so fussy lately.  The needle threader is not working and the bobbin issue is back.  It will have to be repaired again,  Or if I don't trade it in, I will keep it for just embroidery.  But, I need an everyday very good working machine.  Doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles, but the 6600p looks very good!  Is there a newer and similar one people can recommend.  Thank you!  Kelly

Have a good one!
Kathy Strabel

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