Thread cutter on 11000

Jean Olson

I bought this machine recently and first used from embroidery and the thread cutter worked just fine. However, I later found that when I am in sewing mode, it makes a horrible noise and I think the needle point is hitting something. Well, like so many, I have been only doing sewing - masks. It would be quicker and easier on my hands if it were working. I was actually planning on taking it in, when our restrictions started. As a senior, I am pretty much housebound. Might there be anything  that I could check to see what is happening and perhaps at least remedy it temporarily?

By the way, I am enjoying sewing on it. I have a 6600 but I enjoy using this one more. I actually had a 15000 that I bought used but it was just overkill for me and I was irritated by it. I was leery about selling it - thought I probably would regret it. Finally I did sell it and haven't regretted it at all. Beautiful machine but just too over the top for me:-)

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