So, I follow a blog that recommends this sewing machine and I watched her review and this machine looks very good.  Also, this machine has gotten very good reviews on some other sites.  I see it might be a discontinued model though.  I have been thinking of trading in my used 11000 for one of these machines.  Or (don't hate me for being traitor!), I have been thinking of getting a used Bernina because the repair man at the shop I go to said they were the best : ).  But, most likely I will stick with Janomes as I know them.  But, I have found myself using my old Kenmore as my 11,000 is so fussy lately.  The needle threader is not working and the bobbin issue is back.  It will have to be repaired again,  Or if I don't trade it in, I will keep it for just embroidery.  But, I need an everyday very good working machine.  Doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles, but the 6600p looks very good!  Is there a newer and similar one people can recommend.  Thank you!  Kelly

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