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Vikki Youngmeyer

From experience using various machines since 1968 and currently have the 15000 and the 9450, I would suggest doing a test trial for each project for the machines you have.


I’ve used the HP foot recently and had issues with it going over multiple layers for masks.  I rearranged the fabrics and the way I sewed them and the machine works just fine.


Minky is its own nightmare! Also there are different brands of Minke type fabric. I’ve used a number of different feet and machines over the years and have yet to come for the perfect machine/foot that works for every fabrix. I have made many work, but it’s not a slam dunk and it took some fiddling! Back in the “early days” we didn’t have multiple plates except on embroidery machines. I did use the regular plate (not embroidery plate) for the minke work as there was nothing else!


Rather than the plate, I would look into the specific feet as the fabric tends to be addressed as to what works best. In the long run if you don’t have internet or access to anyone to help you, I would suggest starting out with the standard plate and a couple of regular feet and see what works for you! I’ve done that with cast-off  machines I got in the past.

I know you want answers, like turning on the faucet and perfectly temperature water comes out! Sometimes life isn’t as easy as that! I’m glad that your only stress in life appears to be “what do I use and when and how”!


So put in a test piece – write down what you are doing – foot, foot plate, thread and tensions and fabrics  and see what happens. Make a spreadsheet with the results. Get creative and do some research rather than be upset the information you need isn’t out there! Ask others on their list what their information they have learned from their projects! Remember, even straight stitching and buttonholes started with someone taking a first step!



Houston, TX


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I don't know if anyone has the same problem as me, but I have trouble trying to decide which needle plate to use for each project.  Everything that I read refers to cotton and quilting.  I use my machine for other materials.  Which plate would be best for knit, minky, jeans, even heavier fabrics, etc.  I can't find any specific information explaining the needle plates.  Would it be better to use my HP setup or a regular needle plate?  I checked the instruction book and the workbook.   Right now, I am using minky fabric.  Should I use the HP setup?  It just talks about using cotton and quilting fabric with that.  I would think it would be best for minky to keep the material from sliding around, but will it hurt the foot if it isn't recommend for this fabric?  I really need some sort of guidelines.  Does anyone have any specific information that would be of help? Thank you so much for any help.

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