Needle Plates for 15,000

Cynthia Dickerson

I don't know if anyone has the same problem as me, but I have trouble trying to decide which needle plate to use for each project.  Everything that I read refers to cotton and quilting.  I use my machine for other materials.  Which plate would be best for knit, minky, jeans, even heavier fabrics, etc.  I can't find any specific information explaining the needle plates.  Would it be better to use my HP setup or a regular needle plate?  I checked the instruction book and the workbook.   Right now, I am using minky fabric.  Should I use the HP setup?  It just talks about using cotton and quilting fabric with that.  I would think it would be best for minky to keep the material from sliding around, but will it hurt the foot if it isn't recommend for this fabric?  I really need some sort of guidelines.  Does anyone have any specific information that would be of help? Thank you so much for any help.

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