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Superior Threads doesn’t carry a line of Rayon threads. They have an article on their  website which explains why.



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Mah_jongg----I think poly vs rayon thread is a personal preference. Rayon has a higher sheen, but it is not as strong as poly. Rayon also is sensitive to chlorine bleach (maybe non-chlorine bleach as well--I am not positive). It will turn a dull tan color in the presence of chlorine bleach. So, if making garments or household items that will possibly be bleached, I always choose polyester thread exclusively. I just completed a pair of pillowcases for a dear friend's birthday gift, and used only poly threads on the white pillowcases. Even if I reminded her at the time of giving them to her, I do not know what her laundry habits, or anyone else in her household would be. Better to be safe than sorry, so stick with poly for items that might be bleached. Don't forget, some laundry detergents already are "with bleach", so even if they don't add bleach to the load, it might automatically get bleach contained with the detergent.   For the higher sheen and delicate look for wall hangings, outer garments that will be dry-cleaned, pouches and other small accessories, you can probably be safe in choosing rayon.  By the way, my former embroidery machine was a Pfaff and I used both poly and rayon in it. It especially loved Coats and Clark POLY  embroidery thread, available at JoAnn, and a great buy with their frequent bargains. But my newer Janome 500e does not love the Coats and Clark brand. Just so you know my personal experience.  
Happy stitching!
Kathy S   

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