Re: Now Hump Jumper

Kathy Strabel

Nancy---If you are having lots of trouble sewing over thick seams, you might try decreasing the downward pressure on the presser foot. Especially if you also are using the walking foot and having that trouble over thick seams. In addition to using the "hump jumper" or "height compensation tool" .  I was having a terrible time with the hook that holds the walking foot attached popping out of its slot when going over thick seams. But loosening the pre-set default pressure by 2 full clicks and using a hump jumper, that happens much less frequently. In fact, even when I am not going over thick seams, I change the default pressure down 2 clicks. The default setting is just too tight in my opinion. I use mostly quilting cottons, which are not all that bulky, but still I get better stitch quality with the lower pressure setting.  Hope that helps/
Kathy S

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