Re: reading a USB?


A couple of other things to check...

You asked about the number of stitches. The 350e has a stitch limit of 64,000.

Also, you mentioned they were 5x7 designs, you might verify that the designs are in the correct orientation to display (aka they fit into the hoop).  I have found that sometimes purchased designs need to be rotated on the computer (using editing software) before the machine can recognize it as fitting in the hoop.

As a test of this latter piece, try putting a smaller 4x4 design into the same location you were using on the USB (hopefully the EmbF>MyDesign folder) and see if it displays on the machine.  If the answer is yes, it displays fine, then your USB and file path are fine and it is going to be an issue with the specific larger design (either too many stitches or rotated).  A good way to test the rotation is to pull up the design on the 12000 and see which hoop it wants to use and how the design displays (horizontal or vertical).


On Apr 4, 2020, at 2:44 PM, Joyce Daniel <mdaniel@...> wrote:

Is there a chart somewhere that tells what the max that a USB can read on a Janome machine ?

I have a 350. I have a USB with 6 designs that do not “load” on the machine. Wondering if the stitch count is too much?

TIA! Joyce


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