Re: reading a USB?

Joyce Daniel

Thanks for the info. The USB I’m trying to us is 1 GB and the 6 designs are all in the correct folder. The stick was formatted for the 350 and my 12000. They show up on my computer but do not show up on the 350 screen. (Didn’t try the 12000 as they are all 5x7 designs and its easier on the 350) I transferred the designs from the 1 GB stick to the 512M USB I usually use, and they still do not show up on the 350 screen, so I’m thinking, too many stitches. Which is what I’m wondering…..what is the max # of stitches the Janomes machines can handle? Is there a chart somewhere? I’m going to try one design loaded on the stick, at a time as they each have a high stitch count. Just never had this before.

Confused in GA - Joyce



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