Having trouble with the hand look stitches on denim on my 15000

Ceil J

I seem to be doing something wrong but can't figure out what it is.   My tension seems fine for regular sewing.  When I try to use the hand-look stitches with Superior's Mono poly on the top and anywhere from 50-30 wt in the bobbin, I can't get the bobbin thread to pull to the top.  I have adjusted my top tension up to 10 and am using the blue dot case after also trying the red but that isn't making much of a difference.  I am going at the slowest speed.  If I use stabilizer backed quilting cotton I get an almost okay result but nothing seems to work well.  Of course I've cleaned my machine from top to toe, flossed,  and turned it off and on a few times and tried several different needles as well. 
I just tried to work it out on my M7050 which I bought for classes but it's "contour stitch" wouldn't do it either which makes me suspect I'm the problem.
I would appreciate any advice.  Going to my dealer is out of the question due to travel restrictions at this time.

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