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WOW.      What a job that oiling is.  Good job DH was here to help me.    It took us almost all afternoon and I hope it goes faster and easier the second time through.    Interesting that I got the notice today to clean out the bobbin area.     So Machine is all cleaned and ready to go with a new needle.    

Pixey, this is my first Janome embroidery machine and I wonder if I would have made the purchase if I had realized what a job it is to get it oiled.     

On Thursday, April 2, 2020, 9:08 AM, Pixey via <pixeyam@...> wrote:

The 500e and the 550e machines (and the HD9) are exceptions to the “Do not oil your Janome machine“ rule. If you look at pages 60-64 of the 550e owner’s manual, you will see the oiling instructions.  There are also a couple of  good YouTube videos to take you through it.  The first time I needed to oil mine, after looking t the pictures in the manual I actually went in to the dealer where I bought the machine and asked him to go over it with me as it requires removing some panels to get to the oil locations.

To be honest, the oiling requirement is the one thing I really dislike about this embroidery machine.  Fortunately, the things that I like about it outweigh this singular irritation.  But it is a big part of the reason I did not upgrade my 500e to a 550e.


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So I’m kind of surprised to hear about  “oiling”.  I have been told and read countless times that we do not oil our  Janome machines.  I have a little tube called “Janome cleaner”...which actually is quite oily.  But all I use it for is to clean out the bobbin area.

I would really appreciate if you would elaborate on oiling, and where the instructions are. Thanks.

Maria Morrow
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Beth---Be sure that your machine's foot is in the DOWN position when using the auto threader. I have a feeling that is what is making your threader not useable when near the edge of your design.

I throw my used pre-filled bobbins out generally. I do save a few, "in case" I need an extra to refill. However, I cannot comment on whether that is a good idea because I have never had to re-wind a saved bobbin.

As for oiling, I put a reminder on a piece of tape and stuck it to my machine to oil it in the first week of every month----BUT-- the manual suggests this frequency if you use the machine every day, so I adjust the oiling time interval according to how much I estimate I have used the machine in the past month. It is very easy to OVER-OIL the machine and that can cause problems, too.  It also is a bit scary where the manual says to turn the machine so the handwheel rests on the table. USe a folded towel on the table when you do that. AND----if you happen to have a USB stick in the machine---REMOVE it BEFORE you move the machine to its side!!!!   Otherwise, you could possibly "squish" and break the USB stick and/or the USB port on the machine. BEWARE!!

If your machine is sounding louder or different, I would suggest first a good brushing-out with a soft brush, and a vacuum cleaner attachment if you have one of those miniature ones.  Then estimate how much you have actually used your machine in the last month and oil/not oil accordingly. 

Hope this is helpful

Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

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