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I have encountered the same issue on my 500e with the auto-threader not working if the machine thinks it is too close to the edge of the hoop.  This is because these hoops have a lot less space between the sewing  field the hoop and sometimes the hoop doesn’t let the auto threader come far enough down if the machine is positioned at the edge of the sewing field.  Usually my machine asks me if I want to move the hoop for threading (I think it does this when I lock it or when I put the foot down after locking it).  Depending on my mood at the moment, I will either let it go ahead and move the hoop for threading or reach for my little handheld threader.

I reuse the prewound plastic bobbins but generally only for regular sewing and not for embroidery.  This is because these are not quite as durable as the Janome bobbins you buy as actual empty replacement bobbins.  The plastic is bit thinner and more brittle but regular sewing is not as hard on them as embroidery.  If I wind embroidery thread onto a bobbin, I make sure it is one I bought as a reusable bobbin.  I also check my bobbins closely for cracks or burrs whenever I go to wind one.

Because I use my machine intermittently, I do not oil it every month.  I was following schedule and started getting concerned that I might be over-oiling.  So now I listen more for a change in tone or just sounding a bit flattery/uneven.  If you are noticing that, then it might be time to give it a good cleaning and oiling.


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I appreciate all the help I have received from this group about my new embroidery machine.   I have sewn out a couple of designs and found in a couple cases that the automatic threader can not be used when the design is close to the left side of the hoop.   Anyone else run into this problem?

Do you reuse the pre-wound bobbins or just throw them out when empty.

Do you really oil your machine every month as suggested in the owner’s manual?  I’ve been making lots of in the hoop face masks and although they are sewing out just great the machine is sounding a little noisy but perhaps it is from the fabric layers that occur in the folds 

Thanks again for your help and suggestions.    Stay safe and healthy 

Beth in Ontario 

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