Re: VirtualBox

Jim Stutsman

The chief advantage of VirtualBox is that it's free. That means it doesn't get updated as often as Fusion and Parallels, and there is a small risk that at some point the publisher might decide that they don't want to support it any more. However every version has gotten better, and it's now on par with the other virtualization software for Mac. It's not especially difficult to use, though it may not be quite as polished in the user presentation side. The main requirement for all of them is that you need a copy of Windows 10. The best (cheapest) way to do that is to download a trial copy ( and install it. You will soon be nagged to pay for an activation key. Keys vary in price, depending more on the seller than anything else, but you can buy just the key on eBay for less than $20 USD:  The keys listed as "instant" will be emailed to you as soon as your payment clears. You can buy just one, but it doesn't hurt to have a spare or two in case of trouble. Are they legal? Why so cheap? Yes, they are legal. They are "surplus" keys. Very large companies buy the keys in bundles to save money. Often they don't need all the keys in the bundle, so the surplus are sold off. There may also be cases where a computer reseller has bought a bunch of keys, but due to a sales slump they may have excess to sell. If there were a problem, Microsoft and eBay would have duked it out long ago. Do be aware that a key might not work. A guy selling keys in a computer in his mother's basement may not be the best record keeper, and may accidentally sell the same key twice. It will only work for the first buyer. That's why all the eBay listings tout the validity of their keys.

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