Re: I meceived a message from the American Sewng Guild about the mediate need for face masks, how to make them & where to send them. If you are able to help please read the article. We are all home & have lots of time on our hands le

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Many places here need masks. We sewers have formed a group online where those who need masks fill out a form. Then we sewers make the masks and report on a second form. Needs are matched up with finished product. There are several styles and we make what is requested Many places have made a safe drop off place. Mine is the church across the street, a box outside Door in a covered spot. However, do to my health and age I don’t go out even that far. I will place my completed masks in a bag outside my door and another person will collect and take to church. During the civil war women rolled bandages and knitted socks. During WWII both women and men rolled bandages and knitted socks. During this war all persons are sewing, collecting product, delivering to exchange point. More than one none sewer has procured materials for the masks. We are all in this together
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