Re: I meceived a message from the American Sewng Guild about the mediate need for face masks, how to make them & where to send them. If you are able to help please read the article. We are all home & have lots of time on our hands le

Shirley Allen

Thank you Jim for all your comments as it helps people realize how dire this situation is.  As far as the pipe cleaners they are the one used in crafts not in pipes, but they work well if cut in 3" lengths to fit in between the top layer of the mask to make them contour around the nose. I just make a stitched area to hold in place.  The masks are made of 100% cotton & can be washed many times.  Inside is an opening for inserting a filter or whatever they have available & these can be thrown away & replaced as needed.  As far as where to send them you can call your area hospitals, nursing homes & etc or go on the internet & see where they are needed.They use cotton gowns & they should be a chince to make as one size fits all.I do not have a pattern for that, but I think somewhere on the internet does. You see Jim I was a nurse in a intensive unit & I know how these things work & I also know how dedicated these nurses & Drs & health worker are.  Also how exhausting this work is.  So keep them in your prayers to stay well & be able to do their job. God Bless them for all they do.  I will send you a pic of my masks, but I am waiting on some elastic around the ears to finish them up.

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