Re: I meceived a message from the American Sewng Guild about the mediate need for face masks, how to make them & where to send them. If you are able to help please read the article. We are all home & have lots of time on our hands le

Jim Stutsman

As you pointed out, Facebook is far from a paragon of valid information. The current situation is something few, if any, people have ever gone through before. All of the media, both news and social, are in a relentless pursuit of viewers. Facebook leans more toward emotional triggers. The thought that exhausted health care workers are now reduced to wearing bin bags (trash bags of US readers) resonates with us. However we've had this signal before, in incidents like the fabled little boy in hospital asking for people to send him cards. Long after he was home and well cards kept coming, causing a great deal of stress for the family. It's possible that at least one hospital in the US has run out of scrubs, particularly in New York where the situation is most dire. The existing infrastructure can resolve that problem than a bunch of well-meaning volunteers. What sizes are needed? What type of fabric? How to get them where they are needed? We're all eager to do anything we can in this crisis, but we need an organization less profit-focused than any of the media to coordinate the effort.

Locally one of our largest sewing machine dealers has sent out emails asking for volunteers to make masks. You can drive by to pick up supplies and drop off completed masks, and if you make enough you get entered in a drawing for a Janome S5. Having been a retailer, I understand what's behind this. Retail rent in this area is insanely expensive, and as the days tick by with no customers, it's a desperate situation. However, as previously pointed out on this list, they've run out of elastic. While ties would likely work, they are using pipe cleaners! This is probably indicative of the fact that whomever organized the project does not actually sew, or they would have realized that ties would work.

To put things in perspective, I offer up this blog post:
As our friends in UK said during WW II, keep calm and carry on.

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