Re: I meceived a message from the American Sewng Guild about the mediate need for face masks, how to make them & where to send them. If you are able to help please read the article. We are all home & have lots of time on our hands lets do what we can to help. Shirley

Steven C. Haber

Some hospitals, including our local one, are ASKING community members to make and donate these masks. They have a use for them. The studies I read say that they are less effective than medical grade masks, but something is better than nothing. That’s how desperate we’re getting while state governments have been left hanging on their own trying to get supplies. I hear our local hospital is also distributing them to first responders. So many people across the country are making them that elastic is a lot harder to find now than toilet paper. So, if you have a stash of thin elastic, PLEASE consider donating it to anyone making these masks, or seeing if your local hospital has someone coordinating mask making. They’re not perfect, but they’re better than having nothing.

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