Re: I meceived a message from the American Sewng Guild about the mediate need for face masks, how to make them & where to send them. If you are able to help please read the article. We are all home & have lots of time on our hands le

Lyn Quine

My daughter is a nurse, she has been a theatre manager, HDU snr sister, I have made her cotton warm up jackets for night shift, with long and short sleeves, for night shifts in non clinical areas, and theatres when in her office and moving through non clinical areas, there’s never been a problem with it.  I’ve also made her and her staff theatre hats, the hats supplied don’t fit everyone, especially those with one hair.  They’ve never had a problem with them, they launder them and they love having something different to others.  I’ve made football themed, brightly coloured batiks, the best one for an orthopaedic surgeon a hooded theatre hat, with drills and DIY tools on it.  Never a problem.  I’m not sure about masks, but I would suggest they will be so different they will know they are not medical grade, but one of those with a pocket that they can fit the filter they want to use, is better than nothing at all, or worse a mask that’s been worn for more than 1 patient, one that feels clean.  I won’t make them because I’m going to make scrubs, again not medical grade but something clean they can change into.

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