Re: Embroidery on MC12000 question


This is a really neat looking project.  My first guess would be to see if the designs need to be rotated in order to fit in the hoop.  Because the machines will only “find” what will fit as is.  If so, you would need to open it in software on your computer, rotate the design so it will fit in the hoop, save it with a new file name and see if the machine will now see it.

I cannot recall off the top of my head if Horizon Link will let you open it and do that or not.  If not, there are some free and lower cost embroidery editing programs that should handle that step. 


On Mar 19, 2020, at 5:08 PM, Sharron Brittingham via Groups.Io <brittisl1018@...> wrote:

Earlier this year I started an embroidery appliqué project with a friend who has Viking machines.  I did several blocks on her Viiking machine.  I also received all the files in .jef format.  I figured out how to do one block on my machine (I had never done this before).  I noticed that despite all the .JEF files being on my flash drive, there are some files (numbered for each block) do not appear on my MC12000.  I've figured out that the files are sorted by which hoop they need.

I have the SQ23, GR, SQ14, FA10 & ASQ22 hoops.

There are 2 blocks I need to do (sized 129mm W x 346mm H) and (131mm W x 332mm H).  The designs for these blocks do not appear on my machine.

Any suggestions on how I can do those blocks on my MC12000?  Is there a specific hoop I need to buy?

Attached is a picture of the pattern I'm trying to do.

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