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My theory is that this is happening because the zig zag/decorative stitch hole in the plate has become so large to accommodate the 9mm stitch widths. It creates a larger hole but also pushes the feed dogs that grip and hold the fabric further away from the needle. Compare this to the hole on older 7mm or 5mm machines. This is one reason I really like my older 6600P so much. It is “only” 7mm, but it is much less likely to eat the fabric at the start of the seam.

One technique I use is that I wrap the top and bottom threads around a finger or thumb and hold them taught and at an upward angle at the back as I start to sew. This seems to help keep the starting fabric from going down in the machine those first few stitches.


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I hear you! Even my 15000 does that and you know what they cost. I think that it is the way fabric feeds and I know that I have the tendency to start sewing on the first millimetre of fabric that goes into the machine - I say millimetre because it is so small. If I start in about 1/4 of an inch (as a Canadian I should know what that is in metric but I don’t) and then it doesn’t pound down into the needle plate. I just did this on my Continental M7 last week on QUILTING COTTON that was stabilized with Best Press. I know that we need to use the zig-zag plate with everything except the straight stitch or special needle plate for special feet and needle placements, so I don’t think you have any alternative but to just start a little bit into the fabric. I know that friends that have other brands have the same problem, so I think it is just the nature of the beast. Maybe someone else has a different solution - we can hope that there is one.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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