Janome Skyline 7

Kathy Strabel

Hello Group!
OK, I am keeping busy in my workroom, sewing swimwear for when the weather turns nicer. Things are going OK, but I must express my exasperation --once again--with something with the Janome Skyline 7--maybe the entire Skyline model line, maybe even other Janome models.  Here it is......I go to start a seam and the fabric gets sucked down into the needle plate.   I am sewing on knits, so am using the lightning stitch---e.g.-a zigzag type of stitch.  Therefore, I cannot use the straight stitch plate.  I am using poly lycra "sport" or "performance" fabrics,  a Janome Purple Tip needle, and some tissue paper under the seamline;  and I have to begin my seams at least am inch or more from the actual beginning of the seam. Then stitch down to the bottom of the seam.  I have to be supper-duper careful to end the stitching a few stitches BEFORE the actual end of the seam. Then, I have to take the whole thing out of the machine, turn the garment around, and stitch the part that I had to leave un-sewn at the beginning because the fabric gets caught in the needle plate.  I have resorted to using a starter piece--some people call it a "spider"--but that causes another problem. You stitch on the starter piece, then onto the garment, but when you do that, there is no backstitching to lock the stitch. You just cut off the starter piece and have threads hanging that have to be hand-tied together.  If I backstitch soon after I start stitching on the garment from the starter piece, the fabric gets pushed into the needle plate.  Having paid almost $2K for this machine, I must say that I am pretty disappointed. I don't know if any Janome sales people or engineers read these online Group forums, but if you are :  This is the kind of stuff that turns people OFF of home sewing, especially the younger people that companies are trying to attract. If you spend a bundle on a machine that  gives an "iffy"  performance, the pleasure and satisfaction of home sewing goes out the window, maybe even followed by the machine itself. I am not in a position to upgrade to a "better" machine. I have been sewing for 50+ years, so I I know my stuff.  I just find it very disappointing that a machine in this class requires so much "babysitting" . I might expect this from a lesser brand bought off the shelf at Walmart, but not in this machine.  Any suggestions/advice appreciated  I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy as we wait out the corona virus.     Kathy Strabel    Camas WA

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