New hoop and horizon link

Lisa Powell

I know this has been discussed before, but I couldn’t find it. I just bought the Essential RE18 hoop for my 12000. About 6 months ago I did the 1.2 update to my machine, and it shows that when I turn it on. But it only shows the original 4 hoops, and there is no “page 2” for hoops.
Also, I got a new laptop last weekend with windows 10. I installed my HorizonLink from the old disk I got with my machine, and it shows up on my computer. Does the HorizonLink update from the Janome website work on windows 10? It doesn’t appear that my machine wants to communicate with my computer via HorizonLink. 
I’d be willing to bet both issues are something I’m doing wrong, but I would sure appreciate some helpful hints if anyone has any! Thanks!!

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