Re: Feature on 500e Embroidery-only machine

Kathy Strabel

Favymtz, and others---Thank you so much for the helpful suggestions about my breaking thread on my 500e machine. I am happy to report that it seems to be working now--fingers crossed. I did not have any denatured alcohol in the house, so I did the thing of taking a piece of thread, folding it and running it through the entire thread path, without any alcohol or other solvent on the thread.  I used a light color of heavy weight thread, and did not see any errant lint, fibers, or thread bits, or other gunk attached to it when I pulled the thread through, but that was the thing that apparently worked.  I was able to complete a design with about 30,000 stitches in it, without a single break.  During that same stitch session, I did get the message that it was time to clean around the bobbin, so I know that is working, and--I also got the message that there may not be enough bobbin thread to finish the current color block, so that warning is also working. Since I had zero thread breaks in that stitch session, I am not 100% certain that the machine will tell me if/when I get a break and stop the machine. I will be vigilant and keep my eyes and ears on the stitching, so I will know if something happens----or, not. If  no warning of a break and no stopping of the machine does occur, I think it will be time to take the machine in for a check-up. But I am so glad to have this Group to depend on for great advice. 
Thank you, all!
Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

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