Re: Best software for beginner. Not planning on digitalizing

Lyn Quine

You don’t say what you want to do with the software, do you want to digitise, or just view a downloaded design?  Few software packages come with a written manual, most have online manuals, easy to search with the keywords, but knowing which keyword is the thing.  If you have a help menu in Embird, you could search it, then print the section you’re using, file it and gradually build your manual, if you tried to print the whole thing, time and paper would be the issue, but you could gradually build it as you became more familiar.  Personally, I search the online help, and watch YouTube videos, there’s plenty, and I find the combination works for me.  I don’t print it off, I don’t have enough space to store it, I’d rather use that space for thread and fabric, but I can copy and paste and save it on my computer or iPad.  

if you just want to view a design Wilcom Trusizer is a good one, it can open most formats, resize, change format, and you can either download a copy or use their online one.  

a lot depends on what you want to do with the software as to which to use, but as I said few will come with a hard copy of a manual, at best it will be ‘get you started’ book if you get it on a CD or USB stick but a lot will be an internet download.

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