Feature on 500e Embroidery-only machine

Kathy Strabel

Greetings----Just a reality check for me here......I do not see any reference to this in the Owner's Manual......does this machine have a feature that alerts you when a thread break happens? I have been doing a new design and getting frequent thread breaks--I have checked/.adjusted the usual things--new needle, tension checks, etc. But those things seem OK. I just get some thread shredding about every 600-700 stitches. I am running my machine as I usually do, at 400SPM.    Am I imagining this, or is the machine supposed to stop stitching and beep when there is a thread break? I am in the same room, and I will hear that dreaded noise that happens when there is a thread break, and there is, indeed a thread break, but the machine just keeps banging that needle up and down. If I was in the next room, it might stitch out the entire color section with no thread!!   I have never experienced so many thread breaks in a design before.  When I do have a thread break, I believe the 500e machine would stop and tell me. But I could be mixing this up with my older embroidery machine of another brand???/  Am I missing something today???  I have not used that older machine for a couple of years for embroidery. It is a great sewing machine, but no more for embroidery. The design is a type which I have never tried before----a bird that is comprised of many concentric circles and spirals. Could it be something about the design itself? I am stitching on a T-shirt, properly hooped and using the plastic type of topping.  I am using threads of good quality--Floriani, Sulky, etc, which I have never had a problem with before.   Any ideas?   I have stopped stitching for now and am going to go to the gym to work off my sewing frustration!!   Thanks, I appreciate any input!
Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

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