Re: FSL with 12000



I looked at the designs in the machine's manual- but cannot tell from the photo if they are free-standing or not.  That being said- if you fuse no-show-mesh or another cut-away to the underside of the tee, and float a tear-away under your hoop, you should be able to stitch the lace directly onto the shirt.  You might want to give this a try on a "test shirt" (one that you use for all sorts of designs when you want to see how they stitch out.... I've got several of these that started out to be "oops" shirts but then I use them for testing designs).  You will have time to perfect your technique if the shirt is for you to wear in May.  I've had great luck using fusible no-show-mesh on stretchy fabrics to hold things still and not prevent the tees (or other items) from being stiff as a board when done.  But- it will always support the design that way.  Trim it down after the stitching is done because you will want the no-show-mesh to be behind the entire hooping of the shirt.  Re-heating it when your stitching is done, will loosen the hold of the fusible and let you peel it back, trim, then heat a 3rd time to re-seal the edges. 

I wouldn't use water-soluble or heat-soluble on this as it won't support the design thru wearing and washing.  A topping can be added if your shirt has any nap to it but that won't support the design either.

Tracy in Nashville, TN

Martha Pullen Licensed Educator

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