Re: A workable solution to magnets and sewing machines

Kathy Strabel

Favymtz- (and others)--This is from Kathy S, I am the one that initiated the magnets/sewing machine thread and then posted about my "bulldog clip" method. I have found out that the bulldog clip method was not my original idea, someone else had posted (on some other website, I do not know where, and it was a few years ago..)_  Dang, I thought I had come up with a good solution, but I cannot take credit for that.   

You mentioned that the handles for the bulldog type clips were standing straight up and getting in the way.  There is an easy solution to that.  ONce you have placed your clips around the hoop, you can temporarily remove the fold-down handles by squeezing the handles inward until you can just pull them off. THen, just the "business end" of the clip remains attached to the hoop and quilt sandwich. When ready to remove the clips, simply re-squeeze the handles and place them back in position on the clip's body to use for removing he clip.   Then slide your fabric to the next place and repeat.   

By the way, I did order several sets of "super strong" magnets online--they were flat and round, and encased in a rubbery material, and were a Viking product, I believe.  So I assumed they were sewing-machine approved, not TOO strong.They were very strong--it was hard to even pry them apart. The idea I had was to use those magnets on the RE28  hoop's edges, which have a metal strip embedded along the top surface. But the metal strip is pretty narrow and there was not enough metal for the magnets to "bite" very firmly. They fell of almost immediately, so I sent those magnets back.  They stuck, but not very well at all.  

I have found that using the largest hoop gives enough room so that the handles do not interfere with the presser bar lifter, or the needle threader pull-down thingy.  This works well for the RE28 hoop on my 500e machine. I cannot attest to how it would work with any other hoop and/or machine.  I am enjoying seeing how other people are approaching this issue.    Kathy Strabel    Camas WA

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