A workable solution to magnets and sewing machines

Kathy Strabel

Hello everyone. Wow, the "magnets and sewing machines" thread had a LOT of activity and information. I have been looking for a solution and I think I landed on something that is workable, and does not require expensive hoop additions or accessories.   I thought a lot about how to overcome the problem of multiple hoopings to quilt   the blocks of a completed quilt, and without spending over $200 for a hoop accessory.  This is what I found works well with my Janome 500e machine:  Surprise! It is ordinary office-supply clips, the type that are usually black, with silver wire handles that can fold up or down ( see picture, coming soon).   Here is what you need: Your quilt sandwich, basted with safety pins, or held together with temporary spray adhesive (like 505)
                                                                              Your RE28 hoop that comes with the 500e machine (it's the largest hoop that came with mine)
                                                                               8 or 9 of those office-supply clips
                                                                               (Optional) washaway stabilizer   --I did not use any stabilizer.
Here is what you do:  Remove the inner hoop, and set it aside, You will not be using the inner hoop for this process.  Tighten the thumbscrew on the outer hoop to close it firmly.  Now lay your quilt over the outer hoop, centering your individual quilt block in the hoop.  Next, attach the clips to the quilt sandwich and the rim of the outer hoop, pushing the clips down before releasing the clip, so that the clip holds tight to the rim of the outer hoop, AND the straight edge of the clip holds the quilt sandwich down onto the table. Release the clip to hold everything in place. The silver wire clip handles should all be standing straight up. Mount the outer hoop to the embroidery arm. Check positioning of your individual quilt block to see that your design will stitch where you want it to. Use the machine's basting function to see exactly where the design will be.  Before starting to stitch the design, make sure that your presser foot lifter lever and your needle threader button are not going to interfere with your clips. If needed, you can temporarily remove the silver handles by squeezing  each handle inwards, AFTER you have placed the clips firmly in place.  You'll need to replace the handles to remove the clips after stitching.  I have practiced with a round design that is 6" X 6" and I had no interference with that.   Remember that I said I used no stabilizer. For practice, I used a quilt sandwich with ordinary quilt cotton and a felt-like batting, no stabilizer, no inner hoop, no magnets, and my sandwich was basted with 505  quilt basting spray.  The next problem is eliminating the drag while doing the embroidery and I have decided that some clamps attached to the ceiling will be the best bet. That project will have to wait a while, but for now, I am pleased with this remedy for smaller quilts. I can only say it has worked for me with the items I mentioned above. Your mileage may vary, as they say, if you are using a different machine or a different hoop.  You might want to give this a try, but be careful, I am not responsible if your experience is different than mine.  Happy stitching!!   Kathy Strabel   Camas WA     I will post a photo for reference soon.

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