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I do large completed quilts on my 12000 with the ASQ hoop. I don't remove the hoop from the machine. It would be nearly impossible to carry it around without the magnets popping off. I attach the hoop to the machine and move the section of the quilt to where it needs to be, push the quilt down into the hoop using the template, put the magnets on and do the quilting design, then move the quilt to the next section and repeat the process. However, this only works well because of two things. I have a very large sewing cabinet with lots of space behind and to the left of the machine. I hung two cords from the ceiling with clamps on the ends and I attach the weight of the quilt above the machine with those clamps. This makes it possible to do a very large quilt in the hoop.

On Sun, Feb 23, 2020, 11:06 AM Kathy Strabel <ksbappa@...> wrote:
Diane--Yikes, this message thread has taken on a life of its own. Maybe Janome will take notice and offer a GOOD magnetic hoop suitable for our machines and REASONABLY priced, soon???  I am open to experimenting, now that it makes sense to me about the magnet/machine relationship.  Your tent pole version----I would be fine with trying that, but how does the tent pole "stay" taut in the hoop?  The hoop I would use is the largest one  that came with my 500e--the RE28 I believe. It has some metal strips installed around the edge already, and I mounted a  twin-size quilt sandwich on it yesterday, using the magnetic clips that come with the machine. They did stay, but popped off very easily. The magnets are not very strong. They are good enough when using just a flat piece of fabric with some stabilizer, but my quilt is sandwiched together and has many seams per block. Plus, it is a COMPLETED quilt sandwich, not Quilt As You Go, so moving from my cutting table (where I load the hoop up), to the machine in another room is a pain--one or two of the magnets pop off on the way, even if I gather the quilt up carefully. Ugh!  The concern I have about the tent pole/elastic method is that the corners of the re28 hoop are rounded, not square. So, how would they stay snugged inside the hoop, and still hold the fabric down on the surface of the machine's bed? I had an idea last night just before going to sleep and I will see if it is even feasible.

 I am thinking of something different from your tent poles that would fit snugly, that would hold the fabric taut, and also keep it down on the surface of the bed.   That is my theory, anyway.  I may swing by a big box store in the next few days and see if they have something suitable.   I just am not very encouraged by the negativity I have seen about the magnetic hoops that are available from "third party" companies, and Janome  has not come forth with one as yet. Plus, the pricing is certainly an issue for me.  Others have said the available hoops are fine, so I don't know whom to side with until I have at least tried to solve the issue for myself.    I have also thought of just making my quilts in the Quilt as You Go method, doing them in sections of rows of blocks, but I really don't like having to cover all the seams on he backing at the end.    So many variables in this lovely hobby/business of ours, aren't there???   I will continue to read this thread and update you when I have anything to report. I enjoy seeing the activity on this thread and seeing others' opinions on this subject!
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