Re: Magnets and sewing machines


Hi guys,

Let me offer another option for a magnetic hoop on the Janome 12000 or 15000, both of which I have.  If you have the ASQ22 (I have two of them) you’re half way there.  If you purchase some of the Viking/Pfaff or generic hoop magnets (
you can use them on the ASQ22.

Inline image

These magnets are super strong and depending how many you use, your quilt sandwich ain’t going anywhere.  I have 16 magnetic hoops that I use with my Berninas, Babylock Solaris, Pfaff icon and Creative Vision and Viking Diamond Deluxe Royal so I must have at least 64 of these magnets.  I will even use them on my DIME Monster Snap Hoops in place of the magnetic top frame that comes with them because it is so weak.

Also if you are thinking about buying the DIME Janome Quilt Topper which fits the ASQ22, don’t waste your time.  These are SO flimsy, weak and poorly made that it came damaged in several pieces the mail.  Janome inner hoops are more sturdy that these things!  I just can’t imagine that they feel good about themselves in full conscience designing something so poorly made and charging $39.99 for it.  You’re better off with the magnets above.

Cheers and good luck,

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