Magnets and sewing machines

Kathy Strabel

I am toying with the idea of a magnetic hoop to facilitate embroidery on quilt sandwiches. Janome does not appear to make one and the others I have seen online are so expensive. I have seen an ad for a set of strong magnets that the seller claims to be as good as a magnetic hoop, and claims that since the magnets are "closed" when in place on your regular hoop (bottom portion) , that the magnets are no threat to the machine.  You affix several plain metal plates via double-stick tape to the inside rim of your lower hoop, place the fabric over the hoop, then use the strong magnets to hold the fabric (or fabric layers) in the hoop. The magnets are the neodymium type. I am not sure how these differ from everyday type of magnets, such as refrigerator magnets.  Does anyone have any experience with this type of magnet and a sewing/embroidery machine? If so, have you been satisfied with the performance?   Any comments/advice appreciated.
Thank you, this Group is so helpful!
Kathy S.   Camas WA

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