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Jim if you are talking about the upgrade to the 15,000 to make it the quiltmaker, the upgrade is free in the US but the feet are extra.  The extra feet are the ruler work foot and the HP foot and plate.  That upgrade came out in 2018 and most dealers did include the additional feet with the upgrade to those of us purchasing the 15,000 at the same time the upgrade came out.  From what I understand the upgrade was given to the dealers for every 15,000 that had been sold and registered at the time of purchase it was the accessories that were at a cost and I believe that was about $200.  We did not have to purchase the accessories if we did not.  I was one of the lucky persons that my dealer included everything with the upgrade.  That is why I have been a customer of his for over 20 years.


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In the US the machine update is installed by the dealer who also does a small hardware upgrade to the machine. Once that's done the dealer is supposed to contact Janome, who in turn is to send you a link by email to download an update to Horizon Link Suite. There is also a package of new feet that take advantage of the Quilt Maker upgrade features, and it has a fee attached. In Europe, UK, and Australia the machine update and Horizon Link update are included in the package with the new feet. Dealers are not involved, except to sell the package.

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