Threader Woes

Deb Keldrauk

I purchased my 15000 in 2015. I have really taken great care of it, always cleaning the bobbin area etc. Today for the first time my machine failed me. I haven’t used the needle threader lately because it got out of adjustment AGAIN. This has been the only real issue with the machine over time. Today I foolishly tried it with my needle not in the center position and it jammed. “The darn Raise Presser Foot and Needle Bar. Then turn the power on again” message continued to appear after several power downs and “fiddling”. As always I searched previous posts here and attempted to locate “the screw at the end of the black bar” but everything was so tight and I wasn’t sure so off I went to my dealer machine in hand. FIRST QUESTION, Should I just give up on that threader and use a manual one? I had the Quiltmaker upgrade done. I’ve had threader adjustments, tension adjustments (at no charge) BUT in almost 5 years I haven’t ever really had it serviced so I agreed not only to service, but I purchased a 3 year 100% service and parts guaranteed plan. I felt it was a wise decision as it was the same plan, same price, that was offered to me at the 2yr mark and I declined. The price quoted for the service no parts was $299 so I can return each year for three years and end up saving money even if I don’t need parts, if I do need anything replaced it’s covered. SECOND QUESTION Jim, did you offer these types of plans when you were dealing Janome? I live in CA and you know everything is overpriced I hope I made the right decision (maybe a little buyers remorse). I like the dealer and feel they do a good job. Of course they tried to sell me an M7 but I turned my head!

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