extension table on 500e machine

Kathy Strabel

Hello Members---I have a question regarding the use of the extension table with the largest hoop that came with my 500e machine. I was stitching out a design a couple days ago, and the RE28 hoop I was using seemed to have an issue with a "bump" as it moved a few inches to and fro. Then, when I was done, I noticed that the extension table is way lower than the height of the machine's bed. Like 1-1/4" lower. I usually have the extension table attached to the machine so I don't have to store it somewhere. I had never thought about the dis-similar heights of the extension table and the bed of the machine, until I needed to use the largest hoop--the re28.  This is happening when the extension table is installed correctly, and the legs are fully extended. The table that my machine is on is level and sturdy.  I ran a test run after completing my design and placed small wood pieces under the two left-most legs of the extension table, so that the extension table is actually tilted upwards by about an additional 5/8"--the thickness of the wood piece. The test stitchout went so much smoother, did not have to negotiate that "bump" like before. But I find it kind of odd that I have to do this in order to get a good surface for the large hoop to ride on as it stitches out. I am attaching a photo of how it looks. Does anyone else think this is odd?? Anyone else experience this? Oh, and no, my machine was not even close to a wall or a chair or other object while stitching, even if it might appear that way in the photo  The hoop just seemed to slump downwards whenever it had to move to the left. Like the hoop was too heavy or something. I was stitching on an average cotton knit T shirt.  Thanks, Jim for the advice on re-sizing and sending photos. I believe I have done that correctly in this email. But how do those photos get into an album?  I guess this is two questions in one email???  
Happy stitching to all!

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