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No, the threading is fine. I took it by the dealer this morning. They have a new service person and he is not familiar with the newer machines. There is a mgr of on of the other stores and he is really good so I told them I wanted him to look at it. They were ok with that. I use to teach for them for 6 years and I kind of know the owner and his family (it is his nephew) so I trust them. Thank you Jill for the suggestion. They're thinking it may be a sensor issue where it is both embroidering and all regular stitches.
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Date: 2/3/20 1:07 PM (GMT-05:00)
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Virginia , has the thread fallen out of the take up lever ? This can lead to bunching and perhaps do the fig 8 threading that Diane talked about on one of her videos .. 
also perhaps check the black bobbin case for a nil or burr this can cause all sorts of problems if the bobbin case is damaged .. try to rethread in fig 8 and change the bobbin case to see if it is the that too .. good luck

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