Re: ThreadBook Question


Thank you Jim and Diane the FootBook and the My 15000 apps have been of great help for me too. I really love them.

El domingo, febrero 2, 2020, 5:31 p.m., Jim Stutsman via Groups.Io <onlinesewing@...> escribió:

Synchronization between your devices should be automatic, but there are some things that can prevent it happening:

* Both devices must be using the same Apple ID for iCloud.
* Sync can only happen when a device is connected to the Internet.
* Syncing is not instant, but happens when the device is not busy doing something else.

I have followed Apple guidelines, only telling the active device to sync when the app is going to background (i.e. HOME button pressed), but that doesn't seem to be totally reliable in iOS 13. I am currently finishing up version 1.4, and I've made changes in that area. I'll do some additional testing on the iCloud sync before I submit it to the App Store. Thanks for asking!

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