I never thought I would have to post here about my 15000 but I am at a dismay.  Tomorrow I plan to take it back into the dealer for a problem.  I do believe it is a combo tension and sensor issue but I guess I will find out.  I have had my 15000 upgraded to the QCP for a little over 2 years and not had one issue with either sewing or 3mbroidery no matter what thread , stabilizer etc I used.  I had the machine in about 10 days ago for my yearly service with no issues when I brought it in and since then I did 3 embroidery projects and some sewing with not one issue but ever since last evening I have had nothing but problems.  My thread is bunching underneath after 3 stitches of embroidery, it is giving me the message that my thread is broke to rethread and my thread is not broke.  When I do a regular stitch in sewing mode my bottom tension is way too loose. So I did a regular sewing  stitch on my 9400 and it was perfect.  I am bring in all of the samples so they can see what is going on.  Now they have hired a new service person but I am not really sure who serviced my machine however I am going to request the person I know to look at it.  I am more positive about his opinion then the new guy.  Wish me luck.   Virginia

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