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Kathy Strabel

Good morning---I want to make a post to ask a question and post a photo to illustrate something I am asking about. But I cannot find info on How To Post  A Photo to the Group. I went to "Photos" and see lots of albums and photos, but nowhere do I see anything like "add a photo". So, I went to "Files" to see if instructions were there, but I saw none. I typed keywords into a search box and got information on how to embroider on toilet paper---which, I am not ....ahem, interested in. at the moment.  What is the secret to uploading a photo to one of the albums.?I did click on the "emailed photos", saw a bunch of photos, but no instructions how to upload.    Is there a place where the basic group info is posted--rules, restrictions, how to structure posts, add and/or delete posts you have submitted, etc?    I see a paperclip icon at the top of this submission form----do we just attach a photo directly to the email we send?  How would the photo get into a photo album for people to see who might not ever see the particular email it was attached to?  I know, a lot of questions....but.    Thanks in advance  for comments/answers. 
Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

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