Re: Machine Janome 15000

Theresa Lindal

Found out what I was doing wrong so thought I would repeat what my dealer told me and is quite common.  When we take the needle out we unscrew it just to get the needle out.  So the screw is still partway in therefore the needle doesn’t go all the way up, that makes the thread break.  I’ve been doing that all along until I noticed how the white plastic thing under the bobbin case was all scratched up.
He said it still sees ok now just looks dirty and will replace it. 
Other problem I have Jim.  I’ve not been able to wind my bobbin on my machine correctly because when I first got it I cleaned it the first time,took the top tension cove and cleaned the brush the thread goes over, then lifted the cover above that
And cleaned that. For some reason I took the screw out or maybe it wasn’t ever there, don’t know.  So there is no tension when winding the bobbin. My dealer is not who I got it from and doesn’t have that machine in stock so doesn’t think it is what is wrong.  Anyway I am enclosing a picture of it and wondered how I could get it, don’t have a dealer here other than him.  

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