Re: Question about 550E

Cheryl Paul

I don’t think the Acusetter App will work with the ASQ22 hoop, because the hoop is covered with the quilt and therefore the camera can’t see the edge of the hoop. There may be a work around, but that is something that I haven’t tried as I don’t do all that much quilting. I have used the ASQ22 hoop and it works great most of the time. You do however, need to watch it so that the magnets don’t spring off when the machine is quilting. I did one project a lap size quilt that I decided a fleece with batting and then a top with many seams should be quilted - it was not pleasant until I came up with a good plan and watched the quilt closely. I was able to manage even if one or 2 magnets came off. It was a good thing that the design sewed out in about a minute or two.

To get the hooping correct, you can print a template of the design and trim it close to the edge - punch holes into the cross hairs - centre and the 4 arms - mark them well - I used a Frixion pen as it irons off. I sewed one design and then moved the hoop over but before that I decided where the design was to go using the template as my guide. You don’t need to be completely accurate as the quilt is very forgiving and one would need to look closely to see if things are better than perfect. It has to live up to what “you” can live with when it is done. Look on YouTube or Jim and Dianne’s 12000 or 15000 APP - there are good explanations. Try a test quilt sandwich of about 4-6 hoopings to check out how it works. Table runners or placemats are a good place to practice and then you have something that is useful as well.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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