Re: Accu-Feed Foot VD

Kathy Strabel

Jim S.----I tested your suggestion of decreasing the pressure on the fabric. I reduced it by 2 clicks from the default setting, which is just about the middle of the range. This leaves the pressure at approx 25% of the maximum setting.  The hook of the VD foot still pops out of the slot as I sew along.  The fabric I am using for this project is heavy, but not THAT heavy---sort of like a drapery fabric; soft and slightly loosely woven, like a hand-woven cotton fabric for  curtains, etc.  I do have the correct needle plate in, a sharp needle, no problems with breaking thread on top or bobbin.  The VD foot's hook is firmly seated in its slot when I begin sewing, and the foot itself is properly attached to its holder and the needle bar screw is secure. Can you think of any other suggestions? 

I am about to toss this machine out the window!!!  Not really....but it is very frustrating!!! 

I do notice that I must raise the foot to the extra height when removing the fabric from under the needle.With this project, and others. It's like the "grabber" of the VD foot is too low when I stop sewing, and it  slightly holds onto the fabric as I pull it to the left, out from under the needle/foot. Unless I manually raise the foot higher. Hmmmmmm...why does the foot not STAY lifted in the higher position? I have to keep my hand on the presser bar lifter, which means only one hand is available to manipulate the fabric out from under the needle.  That is another "fault" I find with this machine.   I don't mean to sound negative about the machine, but I am wondering if something might actually be amiss with my machine. I hesitate to just take it to a dealer, because that can turn into a long and expensive process, and then it might not even get fixed. I do regular basic maintenance myself--keeping lint and threads cleaned out,  changing needles with each new project, etc. The machine gets used every week. What do you think??  Thanks
Kathy Strabel   Camas WA

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