Accu-Feed Foot VD

Kathy Strabel

Hello Group Members---  I have a Janome Skyline 7 and use the narrow Accuf-Feed foot VD. However, the hook that keeps the foot engaged is always slipping out of the slot as I sew along. I mean, almost every 2-3minutes it slips out!!  And yes, it is firmly clicked-in to the slot each time. This happens when there is a fairly small size "hump" like a crossing seam. It happens when I am sewing fairly fast, but nowhere near the maximum speed. It happens where there is no "hump" at all.  It is VERY. ANNOYING.  I found that applying a piece of Gorilla Tape across the slot where the the hook goes is a temporary, and not a very good "fix". Apparently Janome is aware of this problem with the foot and I have seen other people make the same complaint, so I don't think it is operator error in my case.  I have not seen any evidence that Janome intends to do anything about this problem. It is making me think less and less of Janome  products in general.  Does anyone know why this even happens? Is there any way to REALLY fix this annoying  thing??  Janome needs to devise a strong clip or something that would fit over the slot and keep the hook from popping out and making the foot lose contact with the top layer of fabric.  Because of this problem, my S7 is definitely NOT suited for any kind of  totebag-making, home dec work,  or anything heavier than a medium-weight dress fabric. I have seen others say that their Skylines are great for the more heavy-duty there something wrong with my particular machine???  Or something wrong with the foot itself?    
Thank You,
Kathy Strabel    Camas WA

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